MmmPop: Pop Art from the U of L Art Collection
August 29 – October 24, 2014
Helen Christou Gallery | LINC | Level 9

Curators: Josephine Mills and David Smith

Part of the art + people = x series

This exhibition features a selection from the U of L Art Gallery’s outstanding holding of Canadian and international Pop Art including works by Patrick Caulfield, Richard Hamilton, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, and Joyce Wieland.

MmmPop is part of art + people = x, an on-going series to connect local artists and audiences with the U of L’s renowned art collection. In June 2014, the U of L Art Gallery invited artists and the public behind the scenes of the gallery to view a selection of our outstanding Pop Art works by Canadian, American, and British artists such as Patrick Caulfield, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, and Joyce Weiland. Following the collection tour, artists and interested members of the public could participate in workshops at CASA, the community arts centre in downtown Lethbridge, and make work in response to the Pop Art they saw at the U of L. Artists could then submit their work to a panel of curators who selected work for the final phase of MmmPop.

MmmPop will be a two-part exhibition, the first part will feature a range of the highlights from the U of L Art Gallery’s Pop Art works, this will be followed by the curated selection of work by local artists. MmmPop creates a myriad of connections for artists and audiences: it supports the professional development of local artists and supports the strong community in Lethbridge, and it also gives members of the public a window into what artists engage with when they view works in public collections and how they build on imagery and approaches by previous generations. Some of the artists in the collection are household names and others are frequent favourites for artists although less known by the public. The pair of exhibitions provides a contemporary context for these celebrated works and helps to build connections for new audiences, these works, and the U of L collection.

– Josephine Mills, Director/Curator