Papokan Sculpture Park

Papokan Sculpture Park encompasses the campus of the University of Lethbridge and was officially opened on the occasion of the University’s 25th Anniversary in September 1992. Located on the banks of the Oldman River, Papokan contributes to the diverse and rapidly expanding cultural mileu of southern Alberta.

Papokan Sculpture Park Map Key

1. John McEwen, Western Channel, 1989
2. Byron Johnston, Book Tower, 2003
3. Al McWilliams, Rumination on a set of Circumstances, 1983
4. Carl Granzow,  Heat Sink No. 2, 1976
5. Royden Mills, Inside a Dissonant Society, 2000
6. Clay Ellis, Singleton Club, 1989
7. Michael Lyons, Canada Sky, 1987
8. Peter Hide, Body and Soul, 1992
9. Ken Macklin, Milk River, 2001
10. Bryan Rudelich, Moves Moves, 2007
11. Carl Granzow, Case Siting, 2009
12. Robert Hedrick, Waves, 1974