You Are Here: art + people = x
January 5 – February 23, 2018
Helen Christou Gallery, Level 9, Library

Artists: Various Lethbridge Community Artists
Curators: Maria Madacky, Kirsten Meiszinger, Josephine Mills

Continuing our annual art + people = x series, this exhibition challenged artists to think about their environment. This year the project ties in with You Are Here, a series of exhibitions, workshops, performances, and presentations designed to invite a diversity of people in Southern Alberta to find new ways to think about the future of their environment. Following up exhibitions at the gallery by Jennifer Wanner, Ed Pien, and Karin van Dam as well as a public engagement project by Lisa Hirmer from DodoLab, artists and students were invited to respond to environmental problems or opportunities facing the community and the world. Artists were welcomed to explore the theme in a variety of ways from the idyllic view of nature to the dystopic destruction of resources, and the individual responses cover or include a wide range of works.