Dr. Soanes’ Odditorium of Wonders
September 12 – October 24, 2013
Main Gallery | Centre for the Arts | W600

Curator: Jane Edmundson

Scheduled Spectacle:

September 12, 4 pm, Main Gallery:
Curator’s Talk & Tour with Jane Edmundson

September 13, 12 pm, U of L Recital Hall:
Artist Chris Flanagan Speaks in “Art Now

September 19, 7 pm, Main Gallery:
Film Screening: Tod Browning’s “Freaks”

October 8, 3 pm, (Location TBA):
Panel Discussion: “Making Meaning in the Museum”

October 24, 4 pm, U of L Main Atrium:
SEERious Sideshow & Closing Reception featuring M.E.D.I.U.M.

Dr. Soanes’ Odditorium of Wonders will recapture the spirit and aesthetic of the 19th century dime museum to invoke wonder in the viewer and to combine art, artifacts, and oddities to explore the boundary between education and amusement. The exhibition will feature new works by artists Chris Flanagan, Denton Fredrickson, and Mary-Anne McTrowe, as well as art and artifacts from the University of Lethbridge Art Collection, the Galt Museum Collection, the University of Lethbridge departments of Biology and Drama, and numerous private collections. Includes a major publication.

Dr. Soanes’ Odditorium of Wonders from Uleth ArtGallery on Vimeo.