Crossing Boundaries Symposium
October 28 – 29, 2016
Centre for the Arts

Crossing Boundaries Symposium
October 28 – 29, 2016
U of L Centre for the Arts

Explore the Future of Technology in the Arts
From the computers in our pockets, to the augmented reality introduced by Pokemon Go!, to the use of projections in marketing, fibre optics in costume design, electroacoustic sounds and beyond, technology is a major element of our daily lives and scholars, scientists and artists alike are searching for ways to capitalize on it. This October, the University of Lethbridge Faculty of Fine Arts will host the inaugural Crossing Boundaries Symposium to discuss just that: what is the future of art and technology?

Crossing Boundaries: Technology in the Arts takes place October 28-29 in the University of Lethbridge Centre for the Arts. This two-day event will bring established and emerging innovators from the creative fields to Southern Alberta for presentations, demonstrations, displays and performances. Guest speakers include digital media poet, artist and software designer Jason E. Lewis; writer and curator Barbara Maria Stafford; and journalist Nora Young of CBC Radio’s Spark and author of The Virtual Self.

“Our goal hosting this symposium is to activate cultural discourse, educate and enable open dialogue and collaboration across different disciplines” says Dr. Edward Jurkowski, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and host of the event. “Crossing Boundaries will showcase the diversity and cross-disciplinary nature of the professional creative world. I look forward to moderating the panel discussion where the guest speakers will address the future of technology in the arts, from what possibilities excite them to the challenges and concerns.”

Guest speakers will share their own experience and areas of study while focusing on new innovations, evolving trends, and their own aspirations for the future of technology in the arts. In addition, the symposium offers ongoing demonstrations, activities and displays that will engage and inspire. The Crossing Boundaries Symposium kicks off October 28 with a meet and greet reception in the University of Lethbridge Art Gallery where artist Donald Lawrence will be in attendance to discuss his work on display in the gallery.

“We invite the university community as well as members of the arts community and general public to register for Crossing Boundaries. The more diverse the audience becomes the more we will be able to explore the interdisciplinary nature of the professional and creative world,” invites Jurkowski.

Early-bird registration opens Wednesday, September 7, and with only a $20 early bird ticket price ($10 for students) spots are sure to fill up fast! Register online at

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