The Important Things To Know About Eating and Drinking (In Lethbridge)

The Not-Yet-Famous Lethbridge Pizza

What’s on a Lethbridge pizza? Well, if pineapples and ham make a Hawaiian pizza, and olives and feta make a Greek pizza, then…well, we aren’t yet sure what makes a Lethbridge pizza. But we plan on finding out! And once we do, we will share the results.

DodoLab needs your help to create a representative pizza for Lethbridge. We’ll be on campus from October 1st – 4th running a secret ballot survey to determine what items should go on this unique dish. Then, on Thursday, October 6th, we’ll serve this custom culinary creation in University Hall at a lunch/social co-hosted with the University of Lethbridge Art Gallery. We’ll also be distributing copies of The Important Things To Know About Eating and Drinking (In Lethbridge), a complimentary collection of recipes, food tips, advice and collected wisdom to help you navigate the tricky culinary terrain of your post-seconday experience.

Cast Your Vote & Join Us for Lunch