The Art of Curating

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The Art of Curating

Have you ever wondered what goes into curating an exhibition? Watch the following video and learn about all the things that a curator does in an exhibition that usually go unnoticed, then click on a panel to learn various ways that a selection of art can be experienced online, in a gallery, or in a classroom.



1. After looking at the selected images that have been pulled into focus from the University of Lethbridge Art Collection, and learning the basics of curating do you think these artworks would come together to make a unified, cohesive exhibition?

2. If these artworks from the University of Lethbridge Art Gallery Collection were exhibited together what are some of the themes and topics that would be discussed?

List of artworks (links to art collection database)

1. Landscape as Still-Life, Otto D. Rogers, 1958
2. Cherry Season, Ray Mead, 1957
3. Landscape by Bulldozer, Marion Nicoll, 1965
4. Grey Day, Kazuo Nakamura, 1954
5. Standin’ on Shaky Ground (Key to the City), Paul Sloggett, 1984
6. Lakewood #1, Barbara Milne, 1985
7. Paradise Island #3A, William Ronald, 1969
8. Field with Flowers, Otto D. Rogers, 1957
9. Jack Lake, Paul Sloggett, 1977


Interview with a Curator

Now that you have learned some of the behind-the-scenes activities of a curator, and want to learn more, watch the next video featuring an interview with University of Lethbridge Art Gallery Preparator/Assistant Curator Jane Edmundson as she discusses her experience as a curator.