Thank You Cards For Frontline Workers

People that have been working through our current times are feeling tired and stressed. A handmade thank you card would be a beautiful way of showing our thanks and gratitude for their hard work and help them feel seen and valued. Let’s make the world a little happier with art!

1. Paper, watercolour paper or cardstock
2. Markers, pencils, crayons, paint, collage, etc.

1. Choose someone to give a card to.
They could be a Doctor, nurse, grocery store worker, first responder, mail person, caregiver, teacher, parent, etc.
2. Think of an image you would like on the card, it can be anything!
3. Fold your paper in half, make your art on the front, you can incorporate text if you want.
4. Use the materials you choose to make it beautiful!
5. On the inside you can write an encouraging note. Thank them for their hard work.
6. Leave it for them in their mailbox, or mail it to their place of work. If you don’t know anyone personally, give one to the grocery store clerk next time you go.