Spring 2023 Art History/Museum Studies Student Interns

Victoria Lasalle

Spring 2023 Intern Victoria Lasalle

Hi Everyone! I’m Victoria, a third-year Art History/Museum Studies student. I am interested in conservation/restoration and research. My internship has had me researching and finding artists of different objects to provide more thorough documentation. I have also been assisting with the movement and storage of artwork before and after events. A little about me is that I know how to fence, enjoy playing cards, and love to travel!

Kiyomi Scoville

Spring 2023 Intern Kiyomi Scoville

Hi, My name is Kiyomi and I am a Japanese Canadian multidisciplinary artist from Lethbridge Alberta. I am currently twenty-two years old and completing my Bachelor of Art in Art at the University of Lethbridge with a focus on art studio and art history/museum studies. I am an active member of the Art Department and Student Art Society as a coordinator of our niche Gallery, and through my internship at the University of Lethbridge Art Gallery. My internship involves working directly with Program Coordinator Kirsten in programming to produce engaging, educational, and fun events that bring the community into the gallery. Through my internship, I’ve learnt so much about event planning, coordination, collections management, and database work. My favourite part of the internship is working directly with the community doing fun projects and meeting new people during our events. Every day I learn something new and I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity.

Cass Williamson

2023 Spring Intern Cass Williamson
Hi! My name is Cass and I am a fifth-year Art History/Museum Studies student and visual artist. I like to draw and paint, go thrifting and spend time with my cats. 

My internship with the art gallery is focused on developing and curating an exhibition from the collection, which will be installed in the Helen Christou gallery at the end of March. The exhibition will examine the often blurry and dynamic lines between what one might consider fine art versus kitsch, exploring the push-pull nature of our need for the familiar and intimate with the drive for curiosity and challenge. 
My time so far at the ULAG has been incredibly rewarding – my favourite part has been getting to look at all the art, seeing works in person is profoundly different than seeing them on a screen, and I love learning the ins and outs of the collection and its many quirks and stories.