Rock Painting

Let’s start with Rock Painting!
Its easy, all you need is some paint (any type) or some markers.
Step 1: Go for a lovely walk, (staying 6 feet away from others) It can be in your yard, by the river, or at a park.
Step 2: Choose the most beautiful rock, or 5, or 10!
Step 3: At home, decorate your rock. Acrylic paint works well, and so do permanent markers. You can make it as detailed or simple as you want. Tip: Painting a white base coat on your rock can help create a nice surface to decorate.
Step 4: Place it somewhere cute. Like is a window sill, potted plant, or a bookshelf.
Need inspiration? Look online for lots of ideas and examples. You can make it Easter or spring-themed if you want. Here are some of our favourites!
Post your creations on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram, we would love to see what you created!