Rubberneck Row
January 9 – February 7, 2014
Helen Christou Gallery | LINC | Level 9

Curator: Chad Patterson

Works from the U of L Art Collection

“Rubbernecking” is the colloquial term used to describe the act of gawking or staring at something of interest, often out of morbid curiosity. The Helen Christou Gallery, with its unique location and design, will feature works by artists including Bill Featherston, John Will, Victor Cicansky, and Lisa Brawn that trigger our voyeuristic tendencies.

“Rubberneck Row”
by Chad Patterson
(Sung to the Tune “Copperhead Road” by Steve Earle)
Well here’s a song called “Rubberneck Row”
It’s about a gallery named Helen Christou
You can’t help yourself, you’ll pass and leer
Some stop outta pleasure, some stop outta fear
Long and narrow, west to east and open all the time
Admission is free, it don’t cost a dime
Now it’ll brighten up the days when you’re feelin’ sad
Might make you question, might make you mad
Everybody’s in hurry but man they slow
Helen Christou is a spot like “Rubberneck Row”
Now some wanna know if the art’s worth large
How can you put a price on a soul recharge?
An escape from the world, come on in and hide
Just a whole new person when you’re back outside
You might see a performance, might see a gown
In “Rubberneck Row” you might see a clown
Well a person passing through thinks that ain’t right
Next guy walking thinks, “What a sight?”
Art is meant to educate, that’s all you need to know
You can never guess what’s comin’ down Rubberneck Row
I put it in snuggling carrots by Victor Cicansky
They go well with The Drinking Scene, of David Hockney
I got two prints of “beauty” from Fred Hagan
And I know it’s “interpretation”
I take the seedy from Will and Lisa Brawn
I place it in a spot where everyone’s gone
Well the HCG got traffic everywhere
I know it’s seeming like I don’t care
I learned a thing or two in school don’t you know
You never will forget ‘bout Rubberneck Row
Rubberneck Row
Rubberneck Row
Rubberneck Row

#1 WITH A BULLET! Here’s the Hot New Hit from “The Rubberneckers” called “Rubberneck Row.” Friends of the gallery Bruce MacKay, Steve Ferzacca, & Les Kesler put Chad Patterson’s “Rubberneck Row” lyrics to music.

Listen to “Rubberneck Row” curator Chad Patterson’s interview with Sarah Hoyles for CKUA’s ArtBeat from Sunday, Feb. 2. “Rubberneck Row” segment begins at 14:50.