Inuit Themes in Print Making

The University of Lethbridge Art Gallery has a large collection of works from Inuit artists – from the past and the present. These works of art bring us closer to the Inuit culture as it is now and gives us a better understanding of their history. Click on image to advance slides and learn more.

Supplies List

*Sheet of Plexi-glass (poster size)
Container or tube(s) of print making ink (look for in art supplies store or craft store)
*Brayer (hard rubber)
Insulation Styrofoam – cut into squares smaller than the paper you are working with
Marker (use to outline the contour drawing)
Scrap paper
High quality paper
Apron or art shirt

*Contact the University of Lethbridge Art Gallery if you are in the Lethbridge area as we have these items that you can borrow for your group.

If you have any further questions or want to share your creations, please email Public Programs  (publicprogramsatulethdotca)  .


Downloadable PDF

List of artworks (links to art collection database)
(temporarily unavailable please contact ulag for further info)