Here and There
March 2 – June 1, 2018
Helen Christou Gallery, Level 9, Library

Curator: Stephanie Wilson, Museum Studies Intern

Wilson, a senior uLethbridge museum studies intern, curates an exhibition from the art collection that responds to the You Are Here series.

Curatorial Statement
We often think about health in association with our body. Our body has become a signifier for healthy or unhealthy behaviour in relation to our community and environment. On a daily basis we tend to ignore or pretend that our actions and choices will not affect those around us, and the world at large. How can we perceive the unknowable ways our actions will transgress into our futures? Can we decipher the effects and ripples of our actions on the earth? Is it possible for humans to help the planet and each other by making conscious choices about how we affect the world around us? Honestly, I do not know if it is possible to be fully conscious of how our actions will affect the world. What happens when our blatant ignorance catches up with us? How do we reconnect to an understanding of plants, animals, and nature? Our society’s obsession with rational order cascades into a loss of spiritual and holistic ideals. In turn we are left unable to adapt in a healthy manner, and unable to positively progress away from our current disposable culture. A reflection of how we treat and identify others can be seen in our handling and abuse of the natural world. To dominate nature is to dominate each other, ignoring the connection that aligns body, balance, consciousness, and health.
– Stephanie Wilson, Museum Studies Intern