Reception: Sharing Stories, Bridging Cultures
February 24, 3 – 4:30 pm
U of L Library

Reception: Sharing Stories, Bridging Cultures

U of L Library
Tuesday, February 24, 3 – 4:30 pm

A partnership with the Centre for Oral History and Tradition (COHT).
Made possible by a generous gift from BMO Financial Group.

Curator Maria Livingston, Art Gallery Museum Studies Intern, will give a short curatorial talk.

Curated by museum studies intern Maria Livingston for the Helen Christou Gallery located on the 9th floor of LINC, Sharing Stories, Bridging Cultures showcases Nicholas de Grandmaison’s portraits of First Nations people using recent acquisitions to the U of L Art Collection, archival materials and oral history interviews.

Sharing Stories, Bridging Cultures combines materials between cultures and through generations—finding connections amongst the U of L Art Gallery collection, University Archives and recent oral histories. Artist Nicholas de Grandmaison portrayed First Nations people in his works with exceptional skill and ability to capture their individual character. De Grandmaison held a deep respect for the people whom he painted as evident in his work.

The Nicholas de Grandmaison Oral history Project began in spring 2013 and information gathered from this project will be included in the exhibition. Still on-going, the oral history project brings multiple generations together through discovering the stories behind the subjects in the portraits. The project includes interviews that have contributed to creating connections between the artist, his work, and the subjects in the portraits. So far, project team members have interviewed many individuals who hold a connection to those in the portraits or the artist himself. These interviews are then used for further learning such as in lesson plans, interactive tours to students, and with audiences in exhibitions.

About the Curator
Maria Livingston is a member of the Bigstone Cree First Nation, pursuing her Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Native American Studies. Livingston practices traditional and contemporary Cree culture within all aspects of her life. She credits her personal and academic experience as enabling her to be a suitable researcher and a valuable team member of the Nicholas de Grandmaison Oral History Project.