Helen Christou Gallery

As Above, So Below
March 14 – June 15, 2024

Curators: Jessica Colley & Kate Riddoch, Museum Studies Interns

A curated show of pairings of artworks from the ULethbridge Art Collection revolving around themes of life and death.

Curatorial Statement

How do two seemingly opposite people come together to curate an exhibition?

This joint curatorial project illustrates different points of view from two curatorial interns, one interested in macabre photography, the other interested in impressionist landscape. 

The idea of coming together to curate a single theme seemed impossible. Working with the ULethbridge Art Collection, we became interested in images of opposing forces, light and dark, life and death, that chase one another through a never-ending cycle. Artworks that were seemingly opposite started to tell interesting narratives in pairs, bringing forth conversations of mortality that transcend time, space and culture.  

While viewing our exhibition, we invite you to consider your own beliefs on life and death while making space for alternative realities.

Jessica Colley & Kate Riddoch, Museum Studies Interns