About – Helen Christou Gallery

Level 9, Under the Library
Open 8 am – 10 pm daily

The Helen Christou Gallery is the University of Lethbridge Art Gallery’s primary satellite space. Located in the junction of the Centre for the Arts and the University Library, it is part of a main pedestrian route onto campus. The space is thus highly visible and connects passers-by with the U of L Art Gallery’s programs. The gallery is named after the wife of the U of L’s first chancellor as she passed away at the time of the construction of the space. The Helen Christou Gallery is designed to exhibit smaller framed works and objects in cases. It is thereby flexible and can support more “museum” types of exhibitions with objects and archival material to provide context . Exhibitions in this space can be an extension from the Main Gallery or stand alone featuring works from the U of L Art Collection and installations by artists specific to the unique location. Given the smaller scale, the Helen Christou Gallery is regularly used for museum studies interns to curate projects and for first-time exhibitions by emerging and local artists.