Due to campus having limited access during Covid-19, the University of Lethbridge Art Gallery is closed for all in-person events and exhibitions until further notice. Culture Vulture will be switching to a video format that you can follow along at home. Our arts & crafts videos can be found on our “Culture Vulture From Home” YouTube channel. The activities are geared to be flexible for all ages from kindergarten through to adults, and use accessible household materials. If you have any questions about the crafts please email our Program Coordinator Kirsten Meiszinger  (kdotmeiszingeratulethdotca)  .

We hope you enjoy Culture Vulture at Home! 

2020-21 Schedule

Stencil Holiday Cards

Activity goes live on December 11 at 3pm MST!
Let’s make beautiful Christmas and Holiday cards together. Follow along with the video on our YouTube channel to learn how to make them extra special by using stencilling techniques. For this activity, you will need some paper, paint, thin cardboard (cereal box), and an old toothbrush.

Tin Foil Embossing

Activity goes live on January 15 at 3pm MST!
Make a unique work of art out of Tin Foil! Be inspired by metalwork from the renaissance and make your own tin foil creations. For this activity, you will need, tin foil, cardboard, white glue, a glue stick, and paint or markers.

Smear Painting

Activity goes live on February 12th at 3pm MST!
Learn how to make beautiful abstract paintings using the paint smear technique! Simple and fun to create, with endless artsy outcomes. For this activity, you will need paper or canvas, a piece of cardboard, and paint.

Homemade Mobile

Activity goes live on March 12th at 3pm MST!
Let’s get crafty together and make an art mobile! What’s better to decorate your space than a floating mobile covered in art and drawings. For this activity, you will need some sticks, string, scissors, paper, and markers or pens.